We spent Sunday walking around Polanco, the neighborhood where Rafael grew up. It’s always been a tony place but since he moved away 25 years ago it’s really gone insane. It’s like 5th Avenue, with a Cartier Store and a Bentley dealership. When Rafael was living here there were no US companies at all in Mexico, not even McDonald’s so times have really changed.

We ate at Klein’s which, unlike the Converse store next to it, has been there since the 1960s. It looks like a Jewish deli but mostly they serve Mexican comfort food along with hamburgers and hot dogs. I got some delicious enchiladas Suizas which were mild and creamy but kind of tangy. I have no idea what they have to do with Switzerland. Rafael got chilaquiles with chicken, another favorite of mine. They are basically corn tortilla chips drenched in green sauce with cheese and chicken. Perhaps they are a long-lost relative of the nacho?

After lunch we walked in the Parque Lincoln. It has a gigantic aviary full of parakeets in the middle of it.

I love parakeets.

For dinner we kept it light (not really) with more tacos! I had promised a pic of pastor con piña so here they are in all their glory. This is the food of the gods!