A few days ago we walked through the beautiful tree lined streets of Condesa on our way to lunch at El Califa, a very popular taqueria.

We sat outside and ordered 2 Sidrals. I love this soda, it’s apple flavored and is so refreshing. Lots of the restaurants we’ve been going to have served us sodas in cans so I was super psyched to drink the first Sidral of the trip out of a proper glass bottle.

Ok now on to the main event. The tacos were spectacular! What you see here are 2 steak tacos con queso (the dark ones) and 2 costras. Costras are pieces of meat surrounded in cheese and then fried on the grill and served on a flour tortilla. The cheese is crispy and tastes kind of like a parmesan crisp. I thought of my friend Nicole as I ate this magnificent thing. There was something about the mix of the flour tortilla and the crispy cheese that I knew she would love.

The bistec and ribeye con queso tacos were really the stars of the show though. They consisted of a thin slice of meat on top of a corn tortilla covered in Oaxaca cheese and grilled. The cheese was so dark but yet still melty on the inside. It was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.After lunch we walked around a bit more. I thought this old abandoned house was pretty although not very representative of how well kept up and fancy most of Condesa is.Even though we were super full we found an ice cream place, Neveria Roxy, and I got a cajeta cone. Mexican ice cream is kind of  mix between gelato and Edy’s. It’s stretchy like gelato but has a more sandy texture like Edy’s (or Dryers for my West Coast readers). Anyway, it was delicious. Next time I go to the neveria I’m going to get a guanabana cone!