Rafael and I are on an extended vacation (almost 3 weeks!) to Mexico City to explore the city, work on my Spanish, and EAT!

On our first full day we walked around exploring Roma, the neighborhood where we’re staying. This area is very European and has little cafes and Spanish style architecture everywhere. I keep saying that this part of Mexico City  reminds me of a cross between Spain and an overgrown jungle. It’s the rainy season right now so everything is totally lush but the temperature is cool and San Francisco like.

That first morning we went to breakfast at a cafe. I love that even though the cafe looked  like it could be in Barcelona the food was really Mexican and the eggs came with hot homemade salsas and refried beans.

Then later that night we had our first real tacos. Man they were so good. I got a pastor taco that was so great. The meat was on a huge vertical spit like the meat for a gyro sandwich. On top of the spit was a whole pineapple. They shaved the meat onto your tortilla and then shaved the pineapple on top of that. I’ll have to get a picture soon- it’s the way they do it all over town. It was heavenly.

The other revelation of the night were these rib-eye con queso tacos. The meat wasn’t all chopped up- it was one thin slice topped with some cheese (I think it’s Oaxaca cheese) that had also been grilled so it was brown and toasty.

We also got Micheladas. In Mexico City they have a bunch of different Michelada styles, the regular one has only lime juice and salt (outside of the DF this is called a “chelada”) but they also make versions with Clamato and then our favorite, the “Cubana” which comes with lime juice, chili, and worcestershire sauce. I wonder if they actually drink beer this way in Cuba, Susannah do you know the answer?

OK, I’m going to try to update this blog pretty regularly so I have a good record of our trip. I hope you guys like pictures of tacos….