• 2 eggs whisked until light and fluffy
  • one sliced zucchini
  • a sliced shallot
  • parsley
  • farmers cheese

Sautee the shallot and zucchini together in some oil until they are golden brown and spread them on the bottom of the pan. Pour the eggs on top of the veggies and just let them cook like that, don’t stir them. When the egg starts to firm up but is still a little wet on top turn the omelette onto a plate. If  you are lucky it will fold in half into a half-moon. Sprinkle it with parsley, cheese, and salt and pepper. Eat.


I have tried for years to make a classic french omelette a la Jacques Pepin (start the video at 3:37 to be amazed!) but I can’t even manage making an “American” style one that doesn’t totally fall apart. So lately I’ve just been making what I’ll call a stove top frittata. The goodies are not neatly tucked into the light and airy egg pocket but rather held in suspension within the not so light and not so airy eggs. The important thing is that it tastes good, especially this combination. There is something super-duper delicious about the combo of zucchini and eggs.