A new Japanese grocery store opened by my house and I’ve been buying my lunch there a lot. They have bento boxes filled with the most delicious array of treats, from pickled daikon to fried squid. I decided to try my hand at making my own bento style lunch using left over roasted chicken, some rice, some carrots that I pickled myself, some sautéed greens with miso, and an Ume plum. To go on top of the rice I bought some Furikake, which is basically salty seaweed sprinkles. My friend Maddy commented that she puts it on popcorn in my last post so I knew I had to try it (I ran out of popcorn though so I haven’t tried that yet…)

My favorite part of this meal was the Ume plum, which is pictured at 6 o’clock in the picture above. I think these salty/ sweet wonders are my favorite food. I bought a jar of them at the grocery store that was $13, and only had 7 plums in it! But it was worth every penny.

The next day I was proud of myself for actually using the left over rice and making fried rice with leeks and a hard-boiled egg. How resourceful!