Our trip to Tulum was great! I really loved being totally away for a week, no email, no phone, no news. Just beach, ocean, sun, fun, and Micheladas.

It took us a while to find the good food options. Tulum is such a tourist zone (even if it is an out-of-the-way “eco” tourist zone) that a lot of the eating is kind of weirdly Americanized Mexican food and really really expensive. However once we figured out the good places we were happy campers.

Our hotel had the most amazing breakfasts. I had delicious huevos rancheros every morning while looking out onto the beach…

… accompanied by delicious troptical fruits.

We also found a traditional Mexican bakery that smelled like heaven. Rafael particularly liked the Conchas, which are sweet, soft rolls. Whenever I’ve had these in the states they are too sweet and kind of hard. But these were like puffy clouds. Does anyone out there have a recipe to make them???

After much trial and error we also found a great taco place. All they served were carnitas which was fine by us. I discovered my new favorite soda here, Manzana Lift, which kind of tastes like sparkling apple cider but faker (it’s made by Coke.) YUM! I love the tiny little limes they served along side the tacos. They were key lime sized.

Overall it was just a wonderful trip and I wish this was still my view!