We went to Berkeley for Christmas. Originally it was just going to be for a short trip but then the snowstorm hit New York and we were stuck for a few extra days. It was a pretty nice place to be stuck.

We ate an incredible meal at O Chame where my sister works. I had this delectable bowl of roasted squid udon. I can’t get enough of the squid lately.

With our extra unscheduled days we also got to go into San Francisco, which we usually don’t have any time to do. This is a view of the weird horse-like-cranes in West Oakland that you can see coming back from the city on BART. I always feel like I’m home when I see those things. We also got to eat at Gordo’s which Rafael had never been to before. It was amazing but burritos aren’t very photogenic so I’ll spare you the pictures.

The eventual flight we booked to get back to New York had a stopover in Atlanta. Looking back we knew it wasn’t a good idea to get on the plane but we didn’t really have a choice since our two previous flights had been canceled and everything else was booked. I bet you can see where this is going… We got stuck in Atlanta after the second leg of our flight got axed. By some miracle Delta offered to pay for our hotel room for the night, which was really a lucky break because there were a lot of people camped out in the gates.

So we thought it would be fun to order Pizza Hut and watch TV in our free hotel room… We were wrong. Pizza Hut is NASTY! I think we would have been better off with Domino’s. There is something about the thick rubbery-ness of a Pizza Hut slice that I hate. Never Again!

On the positive side, Back to the Future was on TV and we somehow made it onto a flight that actually landed in  New York the next day. Back to the land of real pizza…ah.