The second to last place I went on my European travels was Porto Portugal. Like Lisbon it was totally beautiful. In general Portugal reminded me of Latin America more than Europe. It sort of had a decaying grandeur thing going on.

There were these elaborate churches everywhere, covered in tiles and looking hecka old.

So many of the buildings were covered in these awesome tiles…

I wanted to pry some off and take them home.

The band played at this totally grand old theater. We heard that it used to porn cinema.

All 15 of us went to a restaurant for dinner the night we were there. It was staffed by one guy and his wife and we were the only customers. They didn’t speak any English or Spanish so there was a lot of hand gesturing to order. The guy actually brought up a large hunk of beef to show us what cut we could order and then he took it downstairs and we heard him hacking it apart.

In addition to the steaks we ordered this incredible fried octopus which was served with soupy rice and beans. The octopus and squid in Portugal and Spain was so tender. It wasn’t chewy AT ALL.

For lunch the next day I had steak and eggs which seems to be another regional favorite. It was good but I mostly included this picture to gross out my mom.

The next day we went to Barcelona but I forgot to take any pictures, and then then I flew home to New York. So far, after being back for a little more than a week, I miss the really good tasting meat, and non-chewy cephalopods, the bright orange eggs yolks, and drinking wine with lunch. However, I am happy to be back to eating fresh fruit and vegetables now and again (they were scarce in Europe).