I walked around by myself today. I stumbled upon this gourmet market called Mercado San Miguel and decided I would brave the crowds of lunching Spaniards and try to get something to eat. Everything is set up like a stall and you kind of have to pounce on any open area and then call your order out to the waiters. I can’t speak Spanish very well so it was something of an adventure but eventually I got what I wanted, a plate of these lightly grilled shrimps (aka “gambas”) sprinkled with crunchy salt, and a little glass of beer.

After my gambas success I made my way to the olive stall where I bought two little olive skewers and a glass of vermouth, which is a local speciality. I couldn’t finish the vermouth but I loved the olives and was very proud of myself for managing to order what I wanted.

Next up is Portugal which I am excited about. I barely speak any Spanish but I don’t speak any Portuguese AT ALL. The only word I know is  “abrigado” (thank you).  So maybe I’ll do some internet research tonight before we get there…