A few years ago, after ordering a bagel with cream cheese and tomato on a cold January day and biting into the mealy nasty whitish tomato slice, I made a vow that I would not eat fresh tomatoes unless they were in season. And when I heard the news about the awful working conditions of Florida tomato pickers I felt even more strongly about it.

Because of my little promise I was extra excited when I received the years first tomatoes in my CSA earlier this month. They were so awesome. I wanted to eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The first day I made a Caprese salad out of a variety of tomatoes, some purple basil (also from the CSA), and a ball of freshly made Mozzarella cheese from the Italian deli, Anthony and Son, down the street from my house. I’ve lived in my apartment for four years and I had never bought Mozzarella from there before… what an idiot! They make it daily in the back and it’s totally amazing, creamy and soft as a cloud. I drizzled some oil oil and vinegar on it, sprinkled it with salt and pepper, and Rafael and I had a lunch fit for kings!

The next day I made tomato sandwiches. All they consisted of was sliced tomatoes, toasted bread, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. How can five simple ingredients add up to something so amazingly delicious?

So I’m already planning what to do with the next batch I get from the CSA. I wanted to make a tomato tart but it seems like such a shame to cook them when they taste this good raw. I’m definitely going to make a BLT! What about you? What are your tomato plans this summer?