• a small head of radicchio cut into ribbons
  • chopped raw walnut pieces
  • chopped golden raisins
  • mustard vinegrette (recipe available here)
  • pepper
  • For the sandwich: bread, an egg, and provolone cheese

This lunch was all about what I had in the fridge: a lone head of radicchio from my CSA, the butt end of a bread loaf, an egg, raisins and walnuts… and it ended up being really great and satisfying. I love the bitterness of radicchio especially when you pair it with something sweet- like golden raisins. I like golden raisins better than black raisins¬† because they seem sweeter and softer to me. I paired this intense (but tasty) slaw with a delicious milder tasting fried egg sandwich with some provolone melted on it. I always forget about Provolone but it totally rules.