There have been a couple of books published about what people eat when they are alone and I find the subject totally fascinating, probably because I myself eat very differently when I’m alone. My ideal alone meal is some kind of fancy cheese on crackers with jam or chutney on them. I really love crackers. I mostly get the Stoned Wheat Thins these days cause they’re kind of pseudo healthy but I  love all the crackers of the world: Saltines, Cheez-Its, Ritz, pita chips, and those sweet Carrs Whole Wheat crackers that taste like thick graham crackers (which I also love) to name a few favorites.

The salad above is another classic example of what I eat when I’m alone because it’s sweet and salty, which is my favorite flavor combo. It was made with salad greens, green garlic, bacon and cherries. Pretty weird I guess but since no one but me was eating eat I felt license to do whatever I wanted! It wasn’t the greatest salad I’ve ever made but it wasn’t gross either.

So what about you? What do you eat when you’re alone?